At 最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏 (PCC), we are committed to protecting your privacy and making it more efficient to interact with our Web site. We recognize your right to know what 正在收集有关您的信息以及如何使用这些信息,如 以及我们限制收集和保护我们收集的东西的法律义务. You do not have to give us personal information to visit our site. 有时我们会 need information to provide services that you request, and this commitment of privacy explains our online information practices.

本政策符合《最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏》的规定 信息自由法和个人隐私保护法. 帕萨迪纳市 City College further complies with the Family Educational Rights and 隐私 Act (FERPA) as it pertains to student records updated online.

This Statement of Internet 隐私 applies to the 帕萨迪纳市.并管理。edu网站 数据收集和使用. 用帕萨迪纳.edu website, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

PCC does not collect any personal information about you unless you provide that information voluntarily by sending e-mail, completing an online request, registration or an application form.


帕萨迪纳市的.edu Web site collects personal information (first and last name, home or other physical address, email address, telephone number, or other identifiers that 允许个人的物理或在线联系),只有当具体和 在您知情的情况下提供. For purposes of this policy, "personal information" means 任何有关自然人的资料,因其姓名、数字、符号, mark, or other identifier, can be used to identify that natural person.

帕萨迪纳市的.edu网站也收集匿名的人口统计信息用于统计 purposes and the analyses of user behavior in order to measure interest in the various 我们网站的面积. We will disclose this information to third parties only in aggregate form.

收集的信息 Automatically When You Visit 帕萨迪纳市.edu

参观帕萨迪纳时.edu, PCC automatically collects and stores the following information 十大靠谱棋牌游戏您的访问:

  • The Internet domain (for example, "xcompany.com" if you use a private Internet access 帐号)和IP地址(IP地址是系统自动分配的号码) to your computer on the Internet.
  • The type of browser used, its version and the operating system on which that browser 正在运行
  • The Web page from which you hyperlinked to the current Web page
  • The date and time of the visit
  • The pages that were visited and the amount of time spent at each page
  • 自动收集的信息均不构成个人信息 the Internet 隐私 and Security Act. This automatically collected information is is collected for statistical analysis and is used to learn how users are interacting 使用本网站,以维持或改善本网站的质素.

自动收集的信息不用于商业营销 purposes and PCC is not authorized to sell or otherwise disclose the information collected 来自帕萨迪纳市.edu的 commercial marketing purposes.

Information You Send Via Email

During your visit to 帕萨迪纳市.edu you may send an email to PCC. 您的电子邮件地址 and the contents of your message will be collected. The information collected is not limited to text characters and may include audio, video, and graphic information formats 包含在消息中. Your email address and the information included in your message 会被用来回应你,解决你发现的问题,改善这个网站吗 网站,或将你的讯息转寄给其他投诉投诉委员会部门,以便采取适当行动. 您的电子邮件地址 is not collected 商业用途 and PCC is not authorized 出售或以其他方式披露您的电子邮件地址用于商业目的. 除了 for authorized law enforcement investigations or, as required by law, we do not share our email with any other organizations.

Remember that e-mail is not necessarily secure against interception. 如果你的沟通 非常敏感,或者包含您的银行账户、信用卡、 or social security number, you should send it by mail.

Information You Submit to Us Via an Online Request, Application or Registration Form

During your visit to 帕萨迪纳市.edu you may complete a transaction such as an online application or an online information request form. The information collected by PCC, including personal information volunteered by you in completing the form, application 或交易,只被保监会用于提供该等资料的目的及 will not be shared with another entity except as prescribed by law. 帕萨迪纳市 College may provide or distribute certain lists and statistical reports of regulatory 法律规定的信息,但不出售或分发个人信息 商业用途.

PCC不会故意收集未满18岁儿童的个人资料 13 or create profiles of children under the age of 13. 然而,用户需要注意, 通过电子邮件提交的个人信息的收集将被处理 as though it was submitted by an adult, and may, unless exempted from access by federal or state law, be subject to public access.

Electronic Commerce Precautions

Some of our Web pages allow you to make donations, register and pay for classes, etc. In those instances, we will collect the information needed to fulfill your registration 或者承认你的贡献,就像它是写在纸上一样. 这些信息 将根据《最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏》(5 U.S.C. 552a, 也就是说,一旦收到,它会在运送到我们的途中被保护好. 你的贡献 are processed through secure PayPal ecommerce solution.

Disclosure of 收集的信息 Through This Web site

The collection of information 在帕萨迪纳市.edu and the disclosure of that information are subject to the provisions of the Internet Security and 隐私 Act. PCC只会 collect personal information 在帕萨迪纳市.edu or disclose personal information 通过帕萨迪纳收集.edu if the user has consented to the collection or disclosure 的个人资料. The voluntary disclosure of personal information to PCC by the user, constitutes consent to the collection and disclosure of the information 为用户向盈科披露该等资料的目的而向盈科提供的资料.

However, PCC may collect or disclose personal information without consent if the collection 或者披露是:

  1. 为履行PCC的法定职责所必需,或为PCC的运作所必需 a program authorized by law, or authorized by state or federal statute or regulation
  2. made pursuant to a court order or by law
  3. for the purpose of validating the identity 用户的
  4. of information to be used solely for statistical purposes that is in a form that cannot be used to identify any particular person.

此外,披露的信息,包括收集的个人信息 在帕萨迪纳市.edu is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law, 《十大靠谱棋牌游戏》和《十大靠谱棋牌游戏》 (FERPA).

PCC may disclose personal information to federal or state law enforcement authorities 对未经授权的访问或试图未经授权的访问执行其权利 to PCC's information technology assets.

Use of Your Personal Information

最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏可能会使用您的个人身份信息来通知您 of services provided and processes requiring your attention. PCC也可以联系 you via surveys to conduct research about your opinion of current services or of potential 新服务.


用户可以在线访问他们在互联网上收集的一些个人信息 and are provided Internet access to update and correct information. 此外的任何 用户可以向PCC的网络管理员提交请求,以确定是否个人 有关该用户的信息是通过帕萨迪纳收集的.edu. 任何这样的 request shall be made in writing and must be accompanied by reasonable proof of identity 用户的. Reasonable proof of identity may include verification of a signature, 包含通常只有用户知道的标识符,或类似的适当标识符 识别.

The address of the Web Administrator is:

Attn: Web Administrator, Building C, Room 145
1570 E. 科罗拉多大街.

The Web Administrator shall, within five (5) business days of the receipt of a proper request, provide access to the personal information; deny access in writing, explaining the reasons therefore; or acknowledge the receipt of the request in writing, stating 批准或拒绝请求的大致日期,该日期应 not be more than thirty (30) days from the date of the acknowledgment.

In the event that PCC has collected personal information pertaining to a user through 帕萨迪纳市.Edu,并且该信息将根据用户提供给用户 请求时,Web管理员应告知用户他或她有权请求 that the personal information be amended or corrected under the procedures set forth in section 95 of the Public Officers Law.

Additional information regarding the college's policies relating the Family Educational 权利和隐私法案(FERPA)可以在这里找到:/admissions/records/ FERPA.cfm


PCC is strongly committed to protecting personal information 通过帕萨迪纳收集.edu against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. PCC has implemented procedures to safeguard the integrity of its information technology assets, including, but not limited To、身份验证、授权、监视、审计和加密. 这些安全 procedures have been integrated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day operations 帕萨迪纳市的.Edu,以及有限的员工访问收集的个人信息 在帕萨迪纳市.edu as part of our continuing commitment to the security of electronic content as well as the electronic transmission of information.

PCC保护您的个人信息不被未经授权的访问、使用或披露. PCC保护您在计算机服务器上提供的个人身份信息 in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. 当个人信息(如信用卡号)传输到其他Web时 sites, it is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)协议.

出于网站安全的目的和维护帕萨迪纳的可用性.edu的 对于所有用户,电讯盈科采用软件监控流量,以识别未经授权的尝试 to upload or change information or otherwise damage 帕萨迪纳市.edu.

Please keep in mind that if you directly disclose personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through one of PCC's social network sites, such as 脸谱网®, 推特®、YouTube®或WordPress®博客,这些信息可能会被收集和使用 被别人.

Other Web Sites Linked from 帕萨迪纳市.edu

PCC encourages you to review the privacy statements of Web sites you choose to visit 帕萨迪纳的链接.edu. PCC is not responsible for the privacy statements or other 最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏家族网站以外的网站上的内容.


cookie是由用户的浏览器在浏览器上存储的一小段信息 你电脑的硬盘驱动器. 帕萨迪纳市.edu utilizes temporary and long lasting session 在it网站的某些部分使用饼干来管理您的互动活动; such as Online Orientation completion and to provide convenience or personalized features to save you time, such as personalized Quick Links. You have the ability to accept 或者通过您的浏览器偏好拒绝cookies,如果您愿意,也可以拒绝. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive 本网站的特点.


本隐私政策中提供的信息不应被解释为给予 business, legal, or other advice, or warranting as fail proof, the security of information 帕萨迪纳提供.edu.


PCC试图保持其网站内容的最高准确性. 任何错误 or omissions should be reported for investigation.

PCC makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the absolute accuracy, completeness, 或本网站内容的充分性,并明确不承担任何责任 errors and omissions in the contents of this web site. No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and 本网站的内容不受电脑病毒侵害 or its hyperlinks to other Internet resources. References or links in this web site to any specific commercial products, processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name are for the information and convenience of the public, and do not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the State of California, 或其雇员或代理人.


For questions regarding this Internet privacy policy, please contact the Web Administrator via e-mail at wecoord@帕萨迪纳市.Edu或邮寄至:

Attn: Web Administrator, Building C, Room 145
1570 E. 科罗拉多大街.

如果你认为最靠谱的十大棋牌游戏没有遵守这个互联网隐私 Statement, please contact the above. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy the problem.



PCC will occasionally update this Statement of 互联网私隐政策 as the conditions 网站的变化. PCC encourages you to periodically review this Policy to be informed of how PCC is protecting your information.